Services Three

Rentals?  We help Landlords find and manage their rental properties.  Whether its commercial or residential we can help you!

We help renters make a move. Do you realize in most cases we are paid by the Landlord?  Ask us if it will cost you.

Do you believe all Realtors are alike?  Wonder who pays for their service?  Do you really need one?  We can answer your questions.  Why do some Realtors have initials after their name and others do not?  Does it really matter?  As a professional with designations it means that agent is committed to go above and beyond basic expections.  Does it make a difference if you go to a specialist or a GP?  You be the judge.

Services Two

Looking to purchase a home around Culpeper? Brightwood? Reva? Boston? Madison? Sperryville? Brandy Station? Jeffersonton? Rixeyville? Rapidan? Ruckersville, Greene? We're here to help you find the home or land that's best for you!  Looking for a Realtor that will listen?  Someone to put you in touch with other professionals to help you through the process?  We can do that.  We have contracts, landscapers, cleaning companies, inspectors, etc. to help you. Request T.C.'s Buyer's e-Book...

Are you looking for to buy a home of your own?  

Do you know there are programs for 1st time home buyers, Veterans, Firemen, Nurses, Police, do you know if you qualify?

Ask for T.C. Cooksley's Free e-book for Virginia Home Buyers.


Considering selling your home, your land, your farm?  Broker T.C. Cooksley and her team are committed to helping you!  

Are you looking for a conventional sale?  Or a quick sale?  We have options for you... ask about our Auction program, or an Investor sale.

Real Estate Services

Services One

We are here to help you sell your home, land, or farm.  Check out T.C.'s Home Seller Secrets on Amazon.  We show you how we market to get your property sold in a timely manner.  We honestly show you steps to help improve your properties markability.  We are here to help you get the best price for your property based on the perameters you choose.  We keep you in the loop and a part of the process.

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